Dept Commander on Veterans Forum

Dept CDR Richard Langenbach has a shot to become a TV Star when viewers get a chance to see him in his first TV debut in MAY on Veterans Forum!  Friday afternoon of April 3rd Dept CDR Langenbach was interviewed on the Veterans Forum.  Dept CDR Langenbach was an easy interview and a great guest, it was a privilege to have him & Dept Chaplain Morris Geisler on my set!!   

Good News:  Veterans Forum as of last month, picked up its FIRST OUT of WA STATE TV Station!!  Marion & Polk Counties in Oregon can now view VF & VFM from Capitol Community TV in Salem.  Veterans Forum has recently picked up Elma Eagles TV in Gray's Harbor on their local Comcast Channel.  And viewers in the Tri-Cities can now watch VF & VFM on their local Charter Communications Channel, thanks to Past Dept CDR Larry Watson!

Want to know when Veterans Forum or Veterans Forum Magazine is on?  You can google search the TV Station in your area listed below and check their schedule.  If you don't see VF, hit the link to 'Contact Us' and get their phone number, so you may call & ask when VF & VFM will be on.  THANK YOU!

VF & VFM is on Public Education & Government Cable Channels:

BKAT    Kitsap/Mason - Ch 3 in SK & Ch 12 in NK

BITV     Bainbridge Island - Ch 12 

PTTV    Jefferson Co. - Ch 97

YCTV    Yakima Co. - Ch 12

SCAN    King/Snohomish Co. - Ch 77 & 29

FVTV     Clark Co. - Ch 11

CMTV    Spokane Co - Ch 14

KLTV     Cowlitz Co - Ch 11 & 28
CCTV     Salem, OR


Submitted by

PJ Scott

Host / Producer

Veterans Forum / Magazine